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Management Performance

Solutions creating clearness, improved cooperation and greater effectiveness

Management Assessment

Assessment of a management team on an individual level on basis of the company’s strategy and its defined necessary management competences.

The result provides an overview of the managers’ professional and personal strengths and potential. A clear action plan is prepared on how the manager(s) are strengthened to meet the future demands in order for the company to perform optimally.

Strategic Performance

On basis of the company’s specific business situation and strategy, the following items will be defined and operationalised in order to ensure clearness and a common ownership of the overall strategies:

Strategy focus: How do you provide value for the customers, and what is your future strategy focus?
Importance: How important are your performance on management level?
Performance: How do you specifically perform on all of the management areas?
Potential: Where are the most important GABs between importance and performance?
Strategic focus areas: Where do you find it most important to make an effort in order to reach your goals?

The result is an increased degree of knowledge of the strategic focus areas and a specific action plan. After the process, the managers will be capable of communicating the strategic focus areas to the employees and may also use it as a tool for setting goals on both individual and company level.

Team Development

On basis of the goals that the team is to reach and thus the competence demand of the team, a competence analysis is made as well as a conflict risk definition and distribution of roles in the team.

The overall goal is to provide the members of the group an experience of themselves as participants and contributors to a team. At the same time, the goal is to provide the members a feeling of how the team is a combination of different personality types. The result is an optimised team performance via a stronger teamwork, focus on each team member’s professional and personal strengths, an understanding of differences being a strength as well as concrete tools for conflict resolution. In this way the process is to contribute to a united approach in the group in order to focus on cooperation and respect between the members of the groups.

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