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CV bank

Welcome to Unique Human Capital’s CV Bank

Unique Human Capital solves recruitment tasks across trades and borders, our target group being candidates with a well-founded theoretical and practical background.

The CV Bank is directed at specialists and managers at all levels, whether actively or passively looking for a job.

The information that you enter into our CV Bank will be treated with full confidentiality by Unique Human Capital, and data will not be passed on without your permission. We look forward to contacting you when we have a vacant position that meets your requirements for a new job. In addition, you will receive an e-mail with relevant jobs matching your profile.

Enter your particulars into our CV Bank by signing up and you will receive your personal password by e-mail. It is important that you save your password as you will need it for later updates of your CV.

If you experience any problems when entering your particulars into our CV Bank, please contact us on T +45 7020 6700 or send an e-mail to mail@uhc.dk.

We look forward to receiving your profile and to contacting you when a position matching your profile becomes available.


About the CV bank

The CV Bank is accessible only to Unique Human Capital staff members. It is used exclusively by Unique Human Capital’s consultants and researchers when searching for candidates matching the vacant positions. All personal data is treated confidentially and professionally.


Ethics and quality are key words for Unique Human Capital. This means:

  • Full anonymity until otherwise agreed
  • Unique Human Capital handles all candidates and companies individually with respect and confidence in an open and honest dialogue
  • Unique Human Capital staff members are subject to a confidence clause regarding information about companies and candidates
  • Unique Human Capital is subject to the directions of the Danish Data Protection Agency Datatilsynet when storing and processing personal information
  • Unique Human Capital is extremely aware of the significance of data security. Each candidate in our CV Bank receives a personal and unique login code. Furthermore, a verification code is compulsory

Unique Human Capital’s client portfolio includes, among others, leading European companies. By registering in our CV Bank, your background and qualifications become visible to our team of researchers and consultants and hereby increase your chances of finding the job of your dreams with one of our clients.

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