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Executive Search

Attraction of the ultimate candidates

Executive Search 

Attraction of the very best – passively interested – candidates means everything to a company, and is a contributing factor in going the distance towards the competitors in the market. To find the market’s ultimate candidate is not only a question of making a great preparatory effort. It demands resources, competences and well-tested tools and methods as well as respect of values, attitudes and great knowledge, insight and experience.

At Unique Human Capital we are proactive, systematic and very thorough in our search for candidates in job. Passive candidates are not looking for a new job, but may be motivated if it is exactly the right career step for them. The passive candidate often relates to the specific position in a very realistic way as they have time to wait for the correct career match.

Executive Search - Unique Human Capital

Competent counselling and sparring

We have specialised in finding the right manager, member of the board, C level and the best specialists. We are professional and dedicated and have many years of experience, strong competences and a great personal network. By means of our interest in your company/organisation, we guarantee that we can find exactly the key employee to create added value in your company with his/her values, attitudes and generic competences.

An Executive Search process with Unique Human Capital provides the company with an efficient and simple process, counselling by experienced and dedicated consultants as well as use of known and tested tools and a guarantee that the right candidate is employed.

  • Board of directors/CEO
  • CFO/financial management
  • CSO/sales management
  • CTO/technical management
  • CSO/supply chain management


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