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Extraordinary and uncompromising outplacement for executives, managers and specialists

Get a professional outplacement process where the personal partnership and the candidate’s unique skills and goals are paramount. We prepare the candidate so that he or she is prepared to move on – at the right time and in the right place.

Our consultants are dedicated, permanent employees who have an exceptional and comprehensive experience from the national and international corporate world at board, management, and consultant level, a specialized industry knowledge and an unequalled network within the Danish business world.

The outplacement process is focused, efficient and targeted. The candidate will have a specialised and tailor-made process, where we will prepare the candidate for the next level. We are able to, and we do it – uncompromisingly!

Corporate outplacement

If your company is in a situation, where you have to lay off several employees, there are many aspects to consider to ensure the best possible process, so that all parties move forward in the best possible way. Since a round of dismissals can affect other employees and the company’s brand, it is essential that the right communication strategy is initiated early on.

Unique Human Capital has the opportunity to either advise you or directly participate in the preparation of your communication strategy both internally and externally. Thus, you can focus on what is most important; the business.

Get professional consultancy and assistance when preparing your:

  • Strategy
  • Communication plan
  • Internal material
  • Coaching of management
  • External material (press etc.)
  • Crisis/emergency counselling

We work with you as an effective sparring partner dedicated to securing your business, employer branding and handling laid off employees.

Outplacement and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Dismissals and collective lay-offs create insecurity – especially for the employee who has been laid-off, but to a large extent also for the employees who are still employed. By helping a laid-off employee well on the way to a new job in an Outplacement process, your company exhibits social responsibility towards the laid-off employee who feels valued rather than neglected. At the same time, the remaining employees will feel less uncertainty when they experience that your company takes responsibility for its employees.

Outplacement and Employer Branding

Employees – including those who are laid-off – are ambassadors for your company, and a bad employee termination experience can therefore damage your company’s reputation. A lay-off is often associated with many emotions, such as anger, inadequacy, frustrations etc., and an effective Outplacement process can help the employee feel well helped and thereby remember and positively describe your business. Outplacement is therefore an important part of your company’s brand strategy.

Contact us today to learn more about how we, together with you, can handle terminations and outplacement processes for your laid-off employee.

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