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Operations Director

Join the Antibody Center of Excellence and participate in creating synergies between local and global project activities – coordinating the antibody portfolio, key alliances, and stakeholders.


As Operations Director at Symphogen, you will play a central alliance role between Symphogen and Servier’s global R&D functions, ensuring alignment of project activities and a common approach to corporate initiatives.

With a direct report to the General Manager, your focus will be maintaining an overview of project progress and facilitating the dialogue concerning projects and governance processes. You will ensure the in-house portfolio communication flow and the up-to-date sharing of relevant information regarding projects and strategic initiatives.

As support to the Senior Management team, you will be responsible for meeting planning and material. You will also support the General Manager in preparations and portfolio status material for the board meetings and external communication.

Your main tasks are (but are not limited to):

  • Maintain and optimise alliances and collaborations with global R&D, especially Operations and the Portfolio office.
  • Oversee and monitor the project portfolios relevant to Symphogen.
  • Ensure open and timely communication concerning projects and global strategic outlook.
  • Maintain and build efficient in-house and between-site structures to facilitate collaboration and mutual understanding.
  • As the Symphogen out-licensing project lead, ensure coordination of activities representing the antibody portfolio.
  • In collaboration with the GM, prepare relevant material for Senior Management meetings, general presentations, and different task force/working group meetings.

Your qualifications include +5 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and/or biotech industry, where you have gained solid experience with the entire drug discovery and development value chain. Moreover, you have significant experience with project leadership, discovery and development portfolio management, and governance. You are familiar with cross-functional teamwork, and ideally, you have some managerial experience, e.g., from a relevant line and/or project team leadership role.

You have a relevant master’s degree, e.g. in immunology, molecular biochemistry, or other related biological science. You are fluent in English, orally and in writing. It is an advantage, but not a demand, if you master the French language as well.

You are open, accommodating, and scientifically sound. You have strong analytical skills and a result-oriented approach. You are well-structured and grasp complex scenarios quickly. You are used to working with several stakeholders and possess a corporate understanding and political ability. You have experience in manoeuvring at different hierarchical levels with a clear and professional communication style. You are used to working with upper management and can support different strategic, tactical, and operational initiatives.

Symphogen offers a position where you will join a team of motivated people who are experts in what they do. They combine their strengths and their love of a challenge to further their collective intelligence and shape healthcare for the future.

Travelling: Approx. 10-20 days per year, primarily to Servier Group.

Domicile: Symphogen’s office in Ballerup.

For more details about the job or the company, please get in touch with the CEO, Unique Human Capital, Jørn Duhn, at jd@uhc.dk or the Senior Research Consultant, Unique Human Capital, Caroline Krüger, at cak@uhc.dk. All applications must be in English and are treated confidentially.

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