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Financial Businesses

Technological challenges, digital transformation and operational complexity affect financial businesses

The market is affected by technological challenges, not least by the digital transformation currently underway. Both the customer-focused transformation heading toward increased digital advising and the internal transformation, which creates an increased virtual organisation and management demand as well as requiring greater management of specialists/professional groups. Our consultants have extensive knowledge of the financial sector and as such, an understanding of the competencies called for.

With 14 years of experience with execution of assignments and consultants with direct and solid experience from financial corporations, we understand the entire value chain of the financial corporation and know its operational complexity concerning finance and risks.

The market has changed in relation to altered customer demands and the weighing of the customer experience as well as within the competition and positioning among the actors in the industry – this is visible in the recruitment of candidates.

Where does the client find the right candidate with the right competencies

Through 100 recruitments in the industry on both the Executive and Specialist level, we have built a significant knowledge base relating to which competencies can be found and where, as well as having established a strong network within the industry.

As such, we have extensive and experience-based knowledge on what works within processes, client and candidate contact, and we always assign a client with a team of 2-3 consultants and researchers, who have specific experience with solving assignments for financial corporations.

Our recruitment methods and tools are modified to the industry’s candidate types in relation to both “short time to fill” and quality. We can also contribute with consultancy concerning organisation of competencies and leadership before and after a recruitment.

We are always happy to have a non-binding dialogue concerning collaboration, so you can experience our capabilities yourself!

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