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Industry and production

To a high degree, candidates with competencies within People Management, digital transformation and optimization characterize the demand from our clients

Equally, diversity and internationalization is getting an increased amount of attention, and often clients call for a field of candidates with solid experience from change management and creating growth.

We are experiencing an industry undergoing the largest upturn in 30 years, and it is expected to continue. Simultaneously, it is an industry characterized by dynamism and globalization with a number of acquisitions, fusions and restructurings that all contribute to operation advantages and client specific solutions.

Scandinavian companies have the competencies to capture new markets with innovative products, technological innovation and the re-thinking of existing methods and processes. This requires that executives and managers have the right qualifications – both managerially and professionally.

Companies call for new employee qualifications

The industry has a high level of focus on digitalization and automation, which is pivotal in terms of effect on employees and the employee qualifications that companies call for. New methods of working require the upgrading of skills – for both employees and managers – and within the industry, this point is the center of a high level of focus.

Our recruitment methods and tools are modified to the industry’s candidate types in relation to both “short time to fill” and quality. We can also contribute with consultancy concerning organization of competencies and leadership before and after a recruitment.

We are always happy to have a non-binding dialogue concerning collaboration, so you can experience our capabilities yourself!


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