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New management in Unique Human Capital
2. March, 2020

As part of a planned generational change, Jørn Duhn and Morten Andersen take over the top management as CEO and COO at UHC. Together, they have over 40 years of experience with recruitment from international, listed companies.

In connection with the planned generational change, it has been important to manifest the leading market position UHC has established since the start in 2003.

Today, UHC is one of the country’s largest, purely Danish-owned recruitment companies, and the new management team, together with the managers and employees, is ready to lift the company into the 2020s with new ideas and an increased focus on digitization in the recruitment industry both in a Nordic and in an international perspective – especially in a more complex and demanding market for both companies and candidates.

The new management group looks forward to continuing the good work within Search, Executive Search and Board Search and to continuing the collaboration with colleagues at UHC’s locations.

With its membership of FCG, UHC is part of a consultancy group with over 200 employees. The mixture of a solid financial foundation and a large, wide range of knowledge and skills is a great strength for UHC.

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