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Unique Human Capital joins AIMS International

AIMS International bliver fremadrettet repræsenteret i Danmark af Unique Human Capital. Danske virksomheder sikres dermed adgang til verdens næststørste netværk, når det gælder rekruttering

13. September, 2022

Around the Globe, companies and organisations face growing competition when it comes to attracting and recruiting the best people. This is also a challenge in Denmark being a country with extensive global corporate activities and several highly internationalised companies. Consequently, Unique Human Capital has chosen to join colleagues in the second largest network of specialists within Search & Selection, Board Search, and Executive Search.

“We have done quite extensive research over the last years to find the optimal, global partnership in order to offer the best possible service to our many global oriented clients. For example, when it comes to recruit talent from other countries. At the same time, we have seen more and more companies from many countries getting an increased interest in the massive Danish talent and competencies within a range of industries. Being part of a truly global partnership has therefore been a priority”, explains CEO Jørn Duhn, Unique Human Capital.

As Unique Human Capital is one of the oldest Danish companies in the business, the match with AIMS International has proven to be nearly optimal.

Front and back-office functions.

AIMS International has been looking for a Danish partner with certain characteristics. And Unique Human Capital can not only muster these characteristics. The new Danish representative of Aims International furthermore has both extensive experience and state-of-the-art practices in certain industries where AIMS International excels on a global scale.

“We have a strong front office, made up of industry expert and vetted consultants, combined with a very robust back office, where we use solid tools and proven processes. This is why we can offer clients a strong support. At the same time Unique Human Capital has built an extensive and experienced presence in especially the medico, life science, manufacturing, and retail sectors. The combination has proven to be a perfect match for AIMS International”, explains Jørn Duhn.

He himself has joined AIMS Internationals Global Practice Team for the life science and medico industries from the very first day, giving credit to Unique Human Capitals very high standards and competencies in these areas.

For inquiries and questions reach out to Jørn Duhn, CEO at Unique Human Capital on +45 21 75 19 25.

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