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Adds value individually, goal-oriented and efficiently


Unique Human Capital offers business oriented counselling in connection with resignations as well as qualified coaching of the dismissed employees. The process is adapted to your company’s current situation, from the introductory reflections, initiation of the process to the evaluation.

An outplacement process provides the company with the optimal conditions for keeping focus on the existing business and the remaining employees.

The outplacement process includes the following phases:

  • Strategic reflections: Professional sparring, roadmap of the process, communication plan, budget
  • Preparation: Internal and external communication, what do we answer in the intervening period? How do we conduct the dismissal meeting? How do we keep up momentum and retain the employees? How do we maintain the good atmosphere and a strong collegial community?
  • Selection: Selection process, competence clarification, set-up of the right team, retention of key employees
  • Execution: Information meeting at the dismissal day, individual processes are started, groups are started
  • The following 90 days: Evaluation of the process, have we still got the right team? For the managers: how do we ensure momentum and retain the employees? For the employees: do we still have a nice atmosphere and a strong collegial community?

Individual process and personal career advisor

The employee is offered an individual career guidance process on basis of his or her current situation. The process is built on chemistry and confidence and is handled by a personal career counsellor, who has client confidentiality and is neutral.

In close cooperation between the employer and the consultant, goals and subsidiary goals are formulated, and key competences and personal strengths and weaknesses are defined. Furthermore, the process includes guidance on how to use network in the job seeking, interview training etc. The objective is to finally be invited for an interview. Throughout the whole process, the employee will be advised and coached until the moment where a job contract is offered.

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