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Search & Selection

Our Search and Selection process ensures the right candidates and effective processes

When the right middle manager or specialist is to be found, there is a large amount of work that takes place behind the scene. Work, which requires knowledge and understanding of the market, business and industry specific knowledge, adequate resources, experience and tested concepts – We deliver all this with uncompromising quality! We find the best solutions for both company and candidate, and thereby ensure durable employment.

We have many years of experience with Search and Selection, and our consultants have industry specific experience within the following industries:

Search & Selection - Unique Human Capital

The recruitment process starts with a preliminary analysis, where both the company and job profile is determined. We are the client’s sparring partner during the entire Search and Selection process. We dig deep, ask questions, and challenge the client until we are sure that we have a common understanding of the profile required. We deliver a highly qualified field of candidates and integrate the clients’ values e.g. diversity.

When we initiate a Search and Selection assignment, we set a communication plan for the assignment in cooperation with the client. We map how we will approach the market and how the assignment is communicated both internally and externally to ensure optimal communication and PR-related branding of the company.

We work closely with the recruiting manager and HR. We solve our assignments as a team to ensure that all assignments are given the proper attention and are solved effectively. Each assignment is set a team of consultants, researchers, and supporters. In this way, we can manage many types of assignments simultaneously.

During a Search and Selection process, the client will always experience:

  • A solution adjusted to the client’s current situation and market
  • Proven and effective processes, which are thoroughly tested and documented
  • Weekly status updates on the process level, so the client is aligned and up to date with current standing in terms of process and progress
  • In-house Searchers with extensive industry knowledge are assigned to every Search and Selection process

Search and Selection is more than just recruitment

As a client at Unique Human Capital, you not only get recruitment but also counselling and sparring. Counselling and sparring concerning e.g. the organization, retention and attraction of competent employees, trends, and opportunities in the current employment market both nationally and internationally.

Client reference:

We have very good experience in using Unique Human Capital. They are competent and create the right solutions without making things too complicated.

CEO Lars Møller, Spar Nord Bank

We are very satisfied with Unique Human Capital. In short, they deliver on both solutions and cooperation. At the same time, they understand our culture, are informal, and results-oriented.

CEO Jan Bøgh, JYSK

Our competitive strength is dependent on highly skilled business-oriented employees who can get things done – Unique Human Capital finds those employees for us – quickly, effectively, and in an informed way.

Executive Assistant Søren Boe, Trioplast Industrial Film

 First-hand knowledge and effective process 

A Search and Selection process at Unique Human Capital gives the company an effective process with counselling from experienced and dedicated consultants, who use professional, known, and tested tools, and you are guaranteed that the proper field of candidates is presented to you.

Our consultants have all been on the other side of the desk in a management role – we have the insights and knowledge which enables us to act operationally in the consultant role within Search and Selection.

As a recruitment agency we deliver Search and Selection of uncompromising quality, and therefore comply with all regulatory and business ethics rules. We comply with industry-specific standards, which are found in the trade associate Search Danmark, where Unique Human Capital’s CEO, Jørn Andersen, is Chairman.

We fully comply with the terms of the GDPR – read our Privacy Statement here.

No matter where your company is situated, we can assist with Search and Selection. With three offices in Aarhus, Aalborg and Copenhagen respectively, we are nation-wide, and would very much enjoy visiting your company to begin a dialogue on which profiles you are searching for, and how we can find the best match for you.

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