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With a desire to create world-class natural science experiences for visitors!


As the new CEO, you will have overall responsibility for Universe. Together with the rest of themanaging team, the CEO must ensure stable operations, value-based management, and continuous development of the organization. It is also the CEO’s responsibility to ensure that Universe and its employees strive to communicate natural science and technology to children and adults in a fun and inspiring way.

Likewise, the CEO must realize the strategy and organization’s business development through solid internal interaction with the board, management team, and other employees to ensure transparency and collaboration with a focus on making Universe visible and being able to live out its identity.

At the beginning of 2025, the Nordals Holiday Resort gets up and running. It will be crucial for the CEO to drive this transformation from where Universe is today and to accommodate many more visitors in an improved setting.

The CEO’s overall responsibilities cover the following: 

  • Strategic development, business, and action plan
  • Management, organising and anchoring of values
  • Sale, marketing, and concept development
  • Operation and optimisation
  • Budget and result responsibility

You have at least 10 years of solid strategic and commercial business development experience. The experience comes from working within a similar industry where entertainment, events, and visitors are key. You have financial and operational qualifications, excellent communication skills, good technological understanding, and adaptability.
As CEO, you are motivated by business development and building a world-class resort in a present relationship with the organization and in cooperation with Bitten & Mads Clausen’s foundation as the owner.

You hold a relevant commercial education, e.g., cand.merc., HD(A) or equivalent. The level of education is not decisive, as experience is more important.
Most importantly, you work methodically, transparently and agilely to create a well-functioning organization with the ambition to create world-class visitor experiences.

Domicile: Nordborg

For more details about the job or the company, please contact Senior Research Manager Henriette Toftgaard Pedersen, Unique Human Capital on M: +45 60 21 02 31. All applications must be in English and are treated confidentially.

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