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Commercial Business Development Manager

Innovative with a commercial mindset and the ability to identify market opportunities


As Commercial Business Development Manager at Trioplast Industrial Film you will be responsible for optimizing and increasing the sales of the product portfolios; New Bizz, Tailored and Stand-Alone Bags. Some of these product portfolios are well established and therefore the Commercial Business Development Manager will need to add new markets and new sales channels. Other product portfolios are still new on the market and needs product development.

The Commercial Business Development Manager will also be responsible for project management of external requests for new products and will in these situations work closely with both R&D as well as production. Furthermore, the Commercial Business Development Manager will have a close cooperation with the product managers for establishing product portfolios.

Your main tasks are:

  • Strengtheting connections to current clients of your product portfolio
  • Identify potential new clients or markets for the product portfolio
  • Perform marketing analysis of potential new markets and customers
  • Perform marketing plans for new products and execute on them
  • Project management of customer requests regarding new products
  • Identify new products and opportunities in the market

You probably have 1-2 years of experience with sales or marketing towards industrial companies, either as a student job or as your first job after graduation.

You have a Master’s Degree in Business, Marketing or similar which provides you with the ability to perform in-depth commercial analysis of products and markets and also do business and marketingplans for new product launches.

You are a person with a talent for sales and you are a proactive and result-oriented person with a great analytical mindset who is able to work with complex projects in a multifaceted and international setting. As you will be leading innovative projects together with Product Management, R&D and Production it is important that you can set the direction and pace for projects.

Trioplast offers an opportunity of working in a modern international packaging company with ambitious growth plans, skilled collaborators and a change to influence sustainable solutions in the plastic industry.

Travelling: As the Commercial Business Development Manager you work on export sales of the products, you should expect at least 30 days of traveling per year.

Domicile: You will be working fromTrioplast’s office and production unit in Nyborg.

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