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Development and implementation of an international sales strategy


As CSO at Trioplast Industrial Film you will have overall responsibility for all sales activities in the Industrial Film Division. This includes full budget responsibility and management of an international sales organisation with 25 employees and a number of direct reports.

Trioplast Industrial Film is known for its high-quality products and has traditionally been focused on product selling. The journey towards value-based selling (solution sales) has begun and now they are looking for a CSO to develop and strengthen the toolbox for the sales organisation to continue this journey. Trioplast Industrial Film has an ambitious growth strategy meaning that the turnover should increase significantly over the next 5 years. The CSO will have responsibility for developing and implementing a commercial strategy towards international large-scale industrial customers and developing a sales organisation that enables Trioplast to reach these targets on top of current business.

Trioplast Industrial Film sells their products in more than 30 markets and has regional sales employees in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, UK and the Netherlands. The CSO should work on strengthening Trioplast’s international presence and Key Account Management across borders. Furthermore, the CSO will have to make sure that the sales organisation is aligned with the future needs. Investments in the commercial organisation is ongoing, and as part of this, Trioplast Industrial Film has established a Sales Academy and the CSO will ensure the success of this academy to give Trioplast an educated and motivated salesforce performing well in value-based selling.

With direct report to the Divisional President the CSO will be a part of Division Management Group in the divisional headquarter in Nyborg.

Your main tasks are:

  • Translate the commercial targets of Trioplast Industrial Film into a sales strategy and actual sales budgets – across markets, segments and product lines. Expand and lead a sales organisation that can meet both current and future goals.
  • Be an active part of the sales efforts towards key markets and clients.
  • Create a cross organisational cooperation that gives the sales organisation the best possible opportunities to perform.

The new CSO should have solid experience with international BTB sales targeted at the industrial segment. The candidate must have experience with managing an international sales team and has demonstrated that he/she can manage middle managers and exercise leadership through the leadership of leaders. The CSO has a great understanding of data discipline and is able to make a department work structured and analytically with data in CRM and the complexity in having a combination of regional sales and cross border key account management.

As Trioplast will be developing and expanding their production facilities simultaneously with the growth in sales, it is essential that the sales organisation keeps track of their pipeline and forecasting.

The CSO must have experience with structuring and further expanding customer service on several levels supporting international large-scale customers. Furthermore the CSO must have a proven track record composing a sales strategy and dividing it into action plans for each salesperson. This must include target markets, target customers and target goals. It will be a large advantage if the candidate has experience with working closely with production and R&D – Forecasts are essential for the production.

Finally, the CSO must be a great communicator, and be able to support, guide and motivate the sales team. Furthermore, the right candidate has a professional sales toolbox, is very experienced within sales techniques and must know how to provide the experience and techniques to the sales organization.

Trioplast offers an opportunity to be part of a responsible, international company that experiences large growth rates and has a clear and ambitious strategy The CSO will have great opportunities for professional and personal development in an environment focused on delivering sustainable growth in top and bottom line.

Travelling: Since Trioplast sells on many different markets you should expect app. 60 days of traveling per year.

Domicile: You will be primarily be working from Trioplast’s office and production unit in Nyborg.

All applications must be in English and are treated confidentially.

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