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Head of PR/Communication

Exciting role with a high degree of influence in an innovative pharmaceutical company.


As Head of PR/Communication at MC2 Therapeutics, you will be communications responsible for handling public relations to all stakeholders including the financial industry. This includes developing a strategy and setting a framework for communication towards external stakeholders. Through consistent, clear and correct communication, you will ensure that current as well as future investors have confidence and belief in the company’s vision, strategy, pipeline of therapeutic products and potential financial outcome. You will drive all communications related activities and help MC2 Therapeutics build a strong reputation and position in the market as a thought leader.

Your main tasks include:

  • Create and execute a communications and public relations strategy that will position MC2 Therapeutics as a thought leader within the dermatology market and the general public
  • Handle communication on social media platforms etc.
  • Handle all contact and coordination with external communication/PR agencies
  • Develop and outline the investor relations strategy and framework that ensures a fair valuation of MC2 Therapeutics and supports the current and the future financing strategy
  • Strengthen the investors’ belief in the company, the vision and the product pipeline
  • Build strong relations with the financial community and other stakeholders – and strengthen the communication between internal and external stakeholders
  • Develop investor and conference material, prospects, media briefings etc.
  • Provide management with correct data, insights on trends in the market, the industry, customer behavior etc.
  • Analyze and present investor issues and potential risks in relation to communication and PR to the management
  • Ensure that MC2 Therapeutics’ communications material is compliant within the different regulations

You have between 5-10 years of experience from a senior position working with either communication or PR – and preferably both. You have a couple of years’ experience from the pharmaceutical, medico or biotech industry – and understand the challenges that a company like MC2 Therapeutics might face in terms of PR/communication in a highly regulated environment. You have the ability to develop, plan and execute a strong communication plan – thereby creating value to the company. You have a deep knowledge and understanding of how to analyze stakeholder issues, market trends, financials and risks and present this to the management. You have experience with dealing with stakeholders and understand how to communicate with stakeholders and make them believe in the company and envision what could be possible.

You have a Master’s Degree in PR, communication, journalism or similar.

As a person you have very strong written and verbal communication skills including a clear writing style. You are creative and used to preparing and delivering presentations, investor material, prospects and other written material to stakeholders. You are analytical, have a strong commercial and strategic mindset and understand how to influence and communicate internally and externally. Moreover, you have a high level of integrity.

You are experienced in work with various social media platforms and intranet and handling and coordinating PR/communication activities with external agencies.

You are hands-on, able to perform and deliver high quality material under pressure – and you thrive in an entrepreneurial environment.

Travelling: 10 – 30 days per year.

Domicile: Hørsholm

For more details about the job or the company, please contact Senior Consultant Belinda Bramsnæs, Unique Human Capital on M: +45 28 44 28 44. All applications must be in English and are treated confidentially.

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