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Principal Scientist, In Vivo Pharmacology

A unique opening for a highly skilled principal scientist to take part in the development of in vivo pharmacology strategies at Symphogen A/S


Symphogen A/S was recently acquired by Servier and has entered an exciting expansion phase as Servier’s Antibody Center of Excellence.

As Principal Scientist in the In Vivo Pharmacology department at Symphogen you will lead and participate in activities related to generating in vivo proof-of-concept for new targets and for lead antibody candidates across Symphogen’s project portfolio within oncology, immune oncology, and immune-inflammation. You will be in charge of developing in vivo and ex vivo models to analyze efficacy of antibodies with various mode-of-action based on epitope and isotype. In addition, you will be involved in exploring various antibody formats to further develop and enhance antibody-based therapeutics. These studies include, but are not limited to, investigation of FcR interactions and secondary effector functions, multi-specific antibodies and bi-specific antibodies.

With direct report to Team Manager of In Vivo Pharmacology.

Other tasks include:

  • Planning and documentation of in vivo efficacy data in regulatory submissions in the early applications in collaboration with other specialists
  • Participate and setup cross functional meetings at a regular basis providing input to biology, mode-of-action, indication selection, and potential biomarkers
  • Provide scientific leadership and direction in discussions, development, and evaluation of all new developments within field of oncology and immune-oncology and development of therapeutic antibodies
  • Serve as a mentor in tutoring and educating R&D staff as well as collaborating with the research and nonclinical departments

You have a PhD in cancer biology, immunology, pharmacology, or related discipline combined with several years of post-doctoral antibody related in vivo experience and preferable 2-3 years of experience with in vivo oncology/immunology from the industry.

Further, your qualifications include:

  • Extensive experience with in vivo models evaluating therapeutic antibodies including the impact of various Fc formats
  • In-depth knowledge of in vivo models within immune oncology e.g. immune humanized models, GEMM, and human and murine tumor models
  • Hands-on experience with techniques for functional characterization of cancer and immune cells, in particular flow cytometry and gene expression analysis 
  • Experience with rodent anatomy, physiology, and pathology
  • Preferably robust knowledge of R&D
  • Strong communication and language skills, written and verbal in English

You are a person with a proactive and dynamic approach who are highly self-driven and seeking to achieve all goals. You are a team player at heart and you provide good energy within the group as well as between departments. You are an innovative scientist able to advance on challenging projects and is acting agile and flexible when changes occur.

Symphogen offers an exciting and highly complex opportunity in an innovative, flexible, focused and committed biotech environment. Moreover, they offer strong cross-functional teamwork and room for individual performance. You will have passionate colleagues with lots of open dialogues, agility, empowerment, and fun. The location has optimized labs and equipment for antibody discovery and development including a state-of-the-art animal facility with high standards of animal well fare.

Travelling: 10-15 days a year.

Domicile: Symphogen’s office in Ballerup.

For more details about the job or the company, please contact CEO Jørn Duhn, Unique Human Capital on M: +45 21 75 19 25 or Senior Research Consultant Elisabeth Haun, Unique Human Capital on M: +45 28 90 33 88. All applications must be in English and are treated confidentially.

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