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Project Manager in R&D Hardware and Controller Software

Become the true conductor in SKOV’s journey to optimize conditions for animals, people, and the environment


SKOV’s ambition is to be the largest and most acknowledged supplier of climate and farm management solutions for livestock production, thereby ensuring optimum conditions for animals, people, and the environment.

With direct report to the R&D Manager, HW and Controller SW you will be a key figure in guiding state of the art solutions to the market and influence the development process as SKOV continues to grow in the coming years. This requires that the new Project Manager will be able to steer the project team in the right direction, to professionalize, and to increase efficiency across the projects.

Your working day will be varied as you will be in contact with different stakeholders across the entire SKOV group. After a concept has been approved you will manage the entire development project. You will be part of the development process from initial analysis and specification, design, and development through to final participation in the test phase and follow-up with the customers after the product has been put into production.

SKOV uses combination of Stage-Gate and SAFe as their development methodology, and the new Project Manager is expected to work with process improvement initiatives within the project management field in order to keep up with the growth in SKOV.

Your main tasks include:  

  • Manage entire aspects of project execution from start to finish, within internal project groups, project groups across the company and project groups with external partners 
  • Ensure transparent and committed agreements for all internal og external deliveries, including stakeholder management – responsibility, involvement and information 
  • Ensure compliance with requirement specifications including handling and change requests 
  • Drive preparation of, follow up and ensure compliance with committed estimates 
  • Progress and financial raporting

Your have experience within hardware, mechanics and software development projects and development methodologies such as SCRUM, SAFe, Stage-Gate, etc. You have a proven track record within project management and you are comfortable working with business models, process improvement, budgeting, assets planning and team development.

You probably possess a Bachelor or a Master’s degree within Electrical Engineering, a Bachelor of Technology Management and Marine Engineering or likewise. The experiences within project management in a production company is far more important than the theoretical background.

You are a person who likes to work with different people and has a can-do-attitude. A working day will be exciting and varied, therefore it is a must, that the Project Manager thrives being in contact with many colleagues both inside and outside the project team.

SKOV is an industry leader on the international market, and as the global potential is considerable, SKOV expects further growth in the years to come. Being part of a global group and having a unique know-how and a strong product portfolio, SKOV offers professional challenges and career opportunities for their employees.

Travelling: Some travelling is expected, mainly to Germany.

Domicile: SKOV HQ, Roslev

For more details about the job or the company, please contact Senior Consultant Belinda Bramsnæs, Unique Human Capital on M: +45 28 44 28 44 or Research Consultant Frederik Ellegaard, Unique Human Capital on M: +45 42 21 42 62. All applications must be in English and are treated confidentially. 

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