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Senior Drug Substance Specialist

Embark on the forefront of developing a vaccine with MinervaX, where an exciting position awaits you in an international company.


As Senior Drug Substance Specialist at MinervaX, you will play a central role in the technology transfer and upscaling processes for MinervaX’s prophylactic vaccine targeting Group B Streptococcus (GBS).

 Your main responsibilities include:

  • Managing the transfer of analytical methods and implementation.
  • Overseeing protocols, reports, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Driving the lifecycle of products throughout the development and manufacturing processes.

Your qualifications include at least three years of experience in the pharmaceutical and/or biotechnology industry, you’ve played a pivotal role in the development and/or manufacturing of microbial upstream and downstream processes for proteins. Your expertise extends to GMP manufacturing, covering tech-transfer and process validation, and you highly value hands-on manufacturing experience in your professional background.

You are a driven person that possess the capacity for independent and critical thinking, bringing innovative perspectives to tasks and challenges. With a natural aptitude for grasping complex processes, you intuitively comprehend intricate systems, while also demonstrating strong interpersonal skills.

MinervaX is a Danish biotechnology company, established in 2010 to develop a prophylactic vaccine against Group B Streptococcus (GBS), based on research from Lund University. MinervaX is developing a GBS vaccine for maternal immunization, likely to have superior characteristics compared with other GBS vaccine candidates in development. The latter are based on traditional capsular polysaccharide (CPS) conjugate technology. By contrast, MinervaX’s vaccine is a protein-only vaccine based on fusions of highly immunogenic and protective protein domains from selected surface proteins of GBS (the Alpha-like protein family). Given the broad distribution of proteins contained in the vaccine on GBS strains globally, it is expected that MinervaX’s vaccine will confer protection against virtually 100% of all GBS isolates.

Domicile: Commuting distance from the MinervaX office in Copenhagen.

For more details about the job or the company, please CEO Jørn Duhn, Unique Human Capital, on M: +45 21 75 19 25, jd@uhc.dk. All applications must be in English and are treated confidentially.

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