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We identify tomorrow’s leaders and specialists

3 offices in Denmark - 29 dedicated employees
Last year we solved more than 220 assignments with an uncompromising level of quality.
With business understanding and precision, we achieve a successful recruitment in your company.
Well-tested efficient processes.

We deliver valuable counselling and services within:

Through a board search, we will expand the boards network through a sober presentation of profiles, that can bring value to the board in the defined areas.
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An Executive Search process with Unique Human Capital provides the company with an efficient and simple process, counselling by experienced and dedicated consultants as well as use of known and tested tools and a guarantee that the right candidate is employed.
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Attraction and recruitment of the right employees is vital. To find exactly the right manager or specialist is connected with a huge work load that needs resources, competences and well tested, approved tools. The right solution requires knowledge, insight and experience.
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13. May, 2024

At Unique Human Capital, we believe that responsible and attentive recruitment is not just a trend but a practice that all clients and candidates should experience through collaboration with a consultancy firm. Our approach to recruitment is deeply rooted in our active choices of Responsibility, Business Understanding, Quality and Human Capital. We believe that companies have an obligation and a need to create positive changes in organisations, whether it is...

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Respected recruitment agency

Our story started in 2003 when Unique Human Capital was founded. As a recruitment agency, we help leading companies identify, attract, assess and recruit the right employees for their business. We provide solid expertise and experience within all aspects of the recruitment process, and our primary mission is to deliver value for our clients and candidates.

Our company and employees are based on five key values: Business Understanding, Quality, Human Capital, Responsibility and International/National Insights.

Business Understanding is essential to provide correct and valuable counselling for the individual company. We have experienced consultants from every area of the industry and in-depth knowledge about what is crucial for your business.

We deliver the highest quality from the first preliminary meeting until after the employment contract is signed. We always work in teams of consultants, researchers and coordinators to ensure your company is provided for during the entire recruitment process.

We have over 20 years of experience recruiting the right professional and personal competencies for all types of companies and business areas. We take responsibility for the entire process, from GDPR compliance to our environmental footprint. Among others, we are a member of the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest united sustainability initiative.

We possess national as well as international insights. We are part of the First Chair Group consisting of the companies Pluss, GORM x ENVISION, A-2 and Rodkjær Event – a group of independent consultant agencies with complementary business areas. Furthermore, Unique Human Capital is part of AIMS International, covering over 50 global markets. Our partnerships provide a solid foundation for delivering competent and broad services from strategy to execution.

We look forward to helping you recruit the right competencies for your business areas.

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