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Life Science


Life Science is a complex industry in rapid development, with new innovative technologies, which enable going to the market with new services and products. According to the interest group LIF,  Life Science Products has doubled since 2009.

Increased globalization makes Life Science an enormous market, which is tangible within recruitment. It is a sector subject to vigorous government regulation, and it is an absolute necessity to have the right knowledge of the market to be able to navigate the recruitment of managers and specialists.

Life Science is also experiencing strong competition in the market – it is about going to market first with new products within drugs and medicines, technology and medico equipment.

High productivity, technological development and global potential

Life Science has double the productivity of other sectors of industry. Thus, there is considerable potential in being innovative and being a player in the technological development enabling becoming a part of the global potential for growth and the sizable Life Science goods export occurring in Denmark.

With regard to recruitment within Life Science, our talented consultants can assist with their knowledge and experience concerning the managerial competencies needed in order to achieve a targeted effort in the growth strategy within Life Science, both in Denmark and internationally. We have several large clients within the industry and our consultants have the necessary experience and knowledge needed to create the right match between candidate and client – and we can provide both Executive Search and Search & Selection so your company can achieve the immense growth potential ahead.

Our recruitment methods and tools are modified to the industry’s candidate types in relation to both “short time to fill” and quality. We can also contribute with consultancy concerning organization of competencies and leadership before and after a recruitment.

We are always happy to have a non-binding dialogue concerning collaboration, so you can experience our capabilities yourself!

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