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Board Search

We have extensive experience in supporting the owner and/or chairman of the board in finding the right candidates for the board – both in terms of personal and professional competencies. Owning to the many solutions we have created in both owner led and publically listed companies, we have established sharply defined search processes and we always deliver a relevant field of candidates within 30 days.

These years, board assignments are undergoing a change. The boards are active: in the boardroom, in company operations, between meetings and in the business community. They look to the future and increasingly involve themselves in processes. Board members make themselves available for sparring with company management and key functions, and they are active players and observers in their areas of expertise and within the business community.

The industries are undergoing a transformation

Currently, many industries are undergoing an extensive transformation in several areas; markets are changing, technologies are developing rapidly, and make it possible to act more dynamically and agilely than just 10 years ago – even 3 years ago. Just look to industries like retail, media, industry, and finance – industries who are all, in their own way, responding to digitalization, globalization, environment, and areas of knowledge that are fusing together and created new market places.

We undertake a concrete analysis of the company strategy and current situation in dialogue with the owner or chairman of the board, and we listen to the deliberations of the board: How does the board function today, in the boardroom, with its competencies, with its management, with the outside world? What stance does the board take on elements such as governance, competency, diversity and importantly, values?

Board work – now and in the future 

Unique Human Capital’s experience also shows that boards are moving closer toward the operation of companies. Management and board spar with each other, bring each other knowledge, and navigate together, each with their role in the future development of the business. The work of the board takes place between members, partly in the boardroom, in professional, value based and continuous dialogue concerning the company’s future role while existing in the reality of today.

Through several years of solving assignments in within board search, we have established a large network among relevant board member candidates, and we are constantly developing these professional relationships through our work within Executive Search. This means that our name is respected among many board members.

During a board search with Unique Human Capital, we expand the board’s network via a matter-of-fact presentation of profiles, who can bring value to the board in the specially defined areas. Based on the competencies that are to be added to the board, we look in both similar and related industries as well as completely different industries who have, or are looking at a development that can inspire and innovate the present and future of the company concerned.

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