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An industry in a sustainable transition

Unique Human Capital closely monitors the development of the energy industry. Climate change and global warming have pushed the energy industry in Denmark towards finding new green alternatives to energy sources. Globally, the energy industry is moving towards hydropower, wind energy, biomass, and biogas, which are among the solutions for a green and sustainable energy source.

New jobs are created daily within the energy sector due to the shift from fossil to green energy sources. New forms of energy require new knowledge, and it can be challenging for companies to adapt and find specialists with industry-specific expertise. At Unique Human Capital, we have over ten years of experience and success in finding specialists and leaders for companies with green energy solutions – primarily focusing on hydropower, wind energy, and biogas.

“The energy industry is a sector that changes every week, making this industry particularly exciting. As a consultant in this industry, I can sit and discuss kilowatt prices one day with a client and the next day talk about how we can help attract experienced commercial leaders to a startup company in Hydrogen with another client or how we find leaders when companies need to expand their activities abroad with a completely different client. The constant development and high pace in the energy industry are a significant part of the enjoyment of my work in energy. The many different technologies and talented individuals with deep technological insight are some of the things that make this industry exciting,” says Account Director, Belinda Bramsnæs, Unique Human Capital.

We recruit specialists and leaders from the world’s largest providers of green energy

At Unique Human Capital, we have a qualified team of consultants with extensive industry-specific knowledge within the energy sector. Our expertise is highly beneficial for companies in the energy industry, and we are known for delivering promising candidates through our Executive Search and Search process. Our recruitment process is well-documented, and through our three offices in Copenhagen, Aalborg, and Aarhus, we can find qualified candidates for companies seeking specific skills and qualifications. Is your company lacking the right candidates within the energy industry? Contact us today for a non-binding conversation and learn how we can help you find the right talents.

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