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Executive Search

Management recruitment of uncompromising quality

The combination of competent consultants with extensive business understanding and proven, documented processes results in a high success rate and low error rate within Executive Search.

A misfired management recruitment has considerable consequences in terms of financials, resources and image. We have the competencies, the experience, and concepts to ensure the maximum possible accuracy in choosing the most suited manager in an Executive Search process.

The foundation for a well-executed Executive Search is a thorough preliminary analysis with an exploration of strategy, organisation, competency level – and gap, as well as industry.

The next step in the Executive Search process, is a clarification of the job- and candidate profile, where the first part in dedicated to the content of the position, containing a clear and precise description of areas of responsibility, tasks, success criteria, challenges of the position, key stakeholders, organisation, the development potential for the candidate, expected travel activity, and salary framework. The latter part of the description concerns the candidate profile, where we go in depth concerning which candidate the company desires in relation to the above-mentioned aspects of the preliminary analysis. In the candidate profile, the basic factors expected of the candidate such as language skills, IT skills, educational level and residence are described. Professional competencies are also described, and the essential desired competencies are structured in an evaluation-and competency table.

The final part of the candidate profile is a character description, which is matched against the requirements the company has in terms of the candidate’s personal skills.



This thorough process in a management recruitment ensures an effective and transparent process and candidate profile, which benefits both candidates and clients. The result is a competent and motivated field of candidates.

Changes in the company’s upper management and/or management group has a large impact both internally and externally, and it is essential that all communication is planned and aligned timewise with the hiring process. Discretion is a matter of course. Through the years, in open Executive Searches, we have had success with coupling the communication plan to the company’s Communication & PR-responsible person.

For each Executive Search assignment, we set a qualified team of researchers, consultants, and supporters.

In an Executive Search process, the client will always experience:

  • A solution adjusted to the client’s current situation and market
  • Methodological and structured mapping of the market – until we find the proper field of candidates
  • Proven and effective processes, which are thoroughly tested and documented
  • Weekly status updates on the process level, so the client is aligned and up to date with current standing in terms of process and progress
  • In-house Searchers with extensive industry knowledge are assigned to every Executive Search
  • As we always provide uncompromising quality, each management recruitment is completed with a structured follow-up process following the appointment of a candidate – both with client and candidate, so we ensure a persistent satisfaction with the appointment. We follow up on both personality and professional capabilities.

As Trusted Advisor within Executive Search, we are proud to have close and enduring working relationships with our clients. This ensures that we are very tightly bound to our clients and have extensive knowledge of their organisation and their market specific situation. The consultants’ in-depth knowledge of their clients ensures that they can effectively, professionally and precisely communicate the clients’ history and identity to the candidates.

Unique Human Capital’s consultants all have management experience, which gives them an insight and knowledge which makes them highly operational in their function as consultants within Executive Search.

Within Executive Search, we recruit C-level candidates for the following positions:

  • Board of Directors/CEO
  • CFO/Financial Management
  • CSO/Sales Management
  • CTO/Technical Management
  • Heavy Specialists

Our clientele is composed of Danish, Scandinavian and international midsize to large Groups, family owned, and capital fund owned companies.

During my professional career, I have benefited from many different recruiters/headhunters both at home and abroad, and I have always emphasized that the partner has a professional approach at all levels and at the same time open to fast and flexible processes; Why wait to make a decision if you have the right feel of a candidate.

The last part requires that the chemistry between the partner and undersigned is good and is, all over, a decisive factor – one gets a quick feeling about this.

Unique Human Capital more than adequately meet those expectation in the recently completed process, where I received a super candidate. The process has probably been close to the optimal (said by a man from Jutland, with a twinkle in his eye).

CEO Erik Høy, Designa

We have a very good, professional and trustworthy collaboration with Unique Human Capital, who has helped us find key people for both Denmark and China; a new CEO for Bloomingville Denmark after I stepped out of the role and acted as Chairman of the Board. In addition, they have found a Sales Director and Brand Manager for Bloomingville. When Regent Holding’s second company Creative Home was building a business in China, we chose Unique Human Capital to help us find a new CEO for China. All assignments have been solved to great satisfaction. Unique Human Capital will respect agreements and appointments with their customers. Long and short lists are delivered and they always deliver on time. I definitely recommend Unique Human Capital.

Chairman of the Board Simon Stampe, Bloomingville


As a recruitment agency, we deliver uncompromising quality within management recruitment, and therefore comply with all regulatory and business ethics rules.

We have three offices in Aarhus, Aalborg and Copenhagen respectively and from here, we cover companies all over Denmark and Scandinavia.

We fully comply with the terms of the GDPR – read our Privacy Statement here.

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