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Family Offices

Family Offices embrace the entire Family and balance desires across generations

The number of Family Offices continues to grow steadily, with no indications that this growth will diminish in the coming years. More and more wealthy families require independent advice tailored to their specific needs and desires – this is precisely what a Family Office can offer.

The overarching purpose of a Family Office is to manage the wealth of the family or individual. Through services such as wealth management, investment advice, legal assistance, property management and administrative tasks, the complex needs and desires of the family can be met.

However, the Family Office is not necessarily responsible for just the family’s wealth. Each Family Office is unique in its structure and function, meaning that the needs can vary between individual Family Offices. Many are primarily focused on wealth management, while others have a broader focus, with a more extensive staff that handles everything from the family’s daily needs such as travel, events and household management to the development of the next generation, philanthropy, communication and wealth development.

Tailored solutions to the Family’s needs

Creating a robust and solid foundation is essential for operating a Family Office. When our consultants and researchers address tasks for our clients in the Family Office, they focus on fulfilling their desires and requirements. The employees recruited for these organizations must not only meet the professional requirements but also the personal values that align with the family’s desires and ambitions. Therefore, we allocate time to understanding the family’s values and needs so that we can find the right talent.

At Unique Human Capital, we can offer tailored advice to your Family Office. We have experience in recruiting for various functions within a Family Office.

Do you need the right talent for your Family Office? Contact us today for a non-binding conversation and receive tailored advice and guidance so that together, we can shape your company’s future with the right talent.

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