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Companies with products and services aimed at the private consumer are facing development and change. The consumer demands are changing, which is noticeable by suppliers. They experience a demand for healthier food, ecology and a larger plant-based range. At the same time, there is high demand for finished or partially finished meal solutions.

Retailers are challenged with alternative web-based channels, subscription solutions, etc. Something that affects the entire sector from food, cosmetics to clothing etc.

Requirements for future leaders and specialists

The future leaders and specialists in the segment should be able to provide insight into and understand consumer behaviour. Collection and analysis of market data will form the basis for innovation and development of new products and strategies, which are executed in collaboration between marketing and sales. It is necessary to understand the challenges of the sales channels, and to document business cases that create value for all aspects of the value chain.

Unique Human Capital has been involved in recruiting managers and specialists to the segment for many years. Our consultants understand the challenges facing the industry’s stakeholders. We also have a good network among the best candidates. Regardless of industry and organisational level, we can display references from satisfied customers and candidates.

Our recruitment methods and tools are modified to the industry’s candidate types in relation to both “short time to fill” and quality. We can also contribute with consultancy concerning organisation of competencies and leadership before and after a recruitment.

We are always happy to have a non-binding dialogue concerning collaboration, so you can experience our capabilities yourself!

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