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Responsible Recruitment
13. May, 2024

At Unique Human Capital, we believe that responsible and attentive recruitment is not just a trend but a practice that all clients and candidates should experience through collaboration with a consultancy firm. Our approach to recruitment is deeply rooted in our active choices of Responsibility, Business Understanding, Quality and Human Capital.

We believe that companies have an obligation and a need to create positive changes in organisations, whether it is within the existing organisation or in attracting new colleagues. Here, psychological safety comes into play; the feeling of being seen, met and heard is supported by trust and confidence in the dialogue between parties. It is about expressing one’s opinions and ideas without fear of negative consequences or judgment. When people feel psychologically safe in relationships, they can be more open, engaged and willing to collaborate.

Psychological Security

Responsible recruitment is where psychological security frames the dialogue, which should always be centred around diversity, ethics and morality. When working with our clients, we seek to understand their strategy, organisation and goals beyond the immediate candidate profile. We advise our clients based on broad market-oriented knowledge and are willing to challenge them. We believe that together, we can achieve more – and through responsible advice, communication and processes, we can help ensure the proper forward-looking focus that meets professional requirements and matches the company’s values.


Sustainability is not just about environmental considerations. Organisational sustainability is about how an organisation conducts its business in a way that considers economic, social and environmental factors to ensure long-term success and accountability. It involves balancing economic goals with considerations for social and environmental concerns to achieve a holistic approach to sustainability.

Social sustainability focuses on maintaining good relationships with employees, customers, communities and other stakeholders. It also includes maintaining good working conditions and promoting diversity and inclusion. Organisational sustainability is about integrating these three dimensions – economic, social and environmental – into the company’s strategy, operations and decision-making processes to create a resilient and responsible organisation.


We believe that diversity is a strength. A company with diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences is better equipped to meet future challenges. Therefore, we actively work to ensure our candidate pool is diverse and inclusive. We seek to attract talent from all social classes and respect and value the differences among our clients and candidates.

Ethics and Morality

Ethics and morality are the cornerstones of our work. As a recruitment agency, we believe in conducting business in an honest, fair and responsible way. This means not only focusing on meeting our client’s needs but also ensuring that our recruitment processes are fair and transparent. We treat our candidates with respect and dignity and consistently seek to make decisions that benefit both them and our clients. At the same time, we ensure confidentiality and anonymity in our dialogue with candidates and the company if the client desires.

By choosing us as your recruitment partner, you can be sure that we always act responsibly. We believe in positively impacting the world through our work, and it starts with responsible recruitment. Contact us today for an informal conversation and learn how we can help your company with responsible recruitment.

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