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Retail & FMCG

The retail market is undergoing a tremendous transformation

Over the past few years, the retail industry has undergone a significant transformation driven by technological advancements, changes in consumer behaviour, and globalisation. Today, the retail sector encompasses not only physical stores but also a digital presence, utilising digital channels such as social media and websites. Consequently, businesses must consider the more comprehensive customer journey when creating physical and online presences.

E-commerce has become an integrated and indispensable part of businesses today. The increasing number of digital consumers creates heightened competition and the need for innovative digital strategies to attract and retain customers. Additionally, consumers have become more conscious of environmental and social actions, which is reflected in their purchasing habits.

As a result, the classic retail profile has changed significantly. There is a much greater focus on areas such as agile logistics, social responsibility/CSR, extensive online shelf space, and, importantly, engagement across various channels.

We can offer our customers advice and support on the digital transformations that companies are experiencing. We have, for example, helped our clients address the following challenges:

  • How do we embrace the many digital opportunities?
  • How do we convey a compelling employer branding story?
  • How do we transform the finance department from a traditional accounting function to a proactive business controller, thus supporting the entire business and its processes?
  • How do we make working in retail attractive? – including highlighting career paths.

FMCG – High Demands for Future Leaders and Specialists

A fast turnover of goods characterises the FMCG industry. Products with short lifespans are consumed quickly by consumers as part of their daily routines. Companies in this sector compete fiercely for customer attention and loyalty, driving a constant stream of innovation and marketing strategies to differentiate themselves from competitors.

FMCG has also felt the impact of digital transformation in recent years due to the growing use of e-commerce and digital channels. With social media, we know that consumer preferences change rapidly, necessitating constant innovation and adaptation. FMCG companies focus on adapting their product offerings and marketing strategies to meet these changing customer needs, which places new demands on future leaders and specialists in FMCG.

They must be able to provide insight into and understand consumer behaviour. Collecting and analysing market data should form the basis for innovation and developing new products and strategies, executed in collaboration between marketing and sales. Understanding the challenges of distribution channels and documenting business cases that create value for all links in the value chain are requirements.

As a recruitment agency, we have been recruiting senior executives and specialists for years within this segment, and we understand the challenges faced by the industry’s stakeholders. We also have a strong network among the best candidates. Our recruitment methods and tools are tailored to the industry’s candidate types, both in terms of short time to fill and quality. Additionally, we can advise on organising skills and leadership before or after recruitment.

Should our team of consultants and researchers help your company explore the many digital opportunities in the Retail and FMCG industries? Contact us today for a non-binding conversation and receive tailored advice and support so we can shape your company’s future with the right talents together.

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