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The retail market is undergoing a considerable transformation

Chains are consolidating to enable success in an ever more competitive market.

There is an increased focus on creating profitable business in an environment of constantly moving channels. From carrying out all of our shopping in a physical store – e-commerce and web shopping is opening up possibilities for many complimentary options. Following this, organisational attention must shift when the customer journey changes.

We are therefore experiencing a change in the classical retail profile. There is an increase in focus on areas such as agile logistics, social responsibility/CSR, and endless shelf space on-line, and not least, how people act on different channels.

Purchasing is no longer just purchasing, the marketing creation of weekly sales material. No, it requires that the organisation and the individual employee act according to an omnichannel mindset.

The organisational transformation

For a number of Unique Human Capital’s customers and cooperative partners, this has meant a constant challenge in terms of asking: do we have the right employees on staff?

  • How do we accommodate the many digital opportunities?
  • How do we tell the great employer-branding story?
  • How do we invert the finance department from a classical finance function to act proactively and delivering business controlling, thereby supporting the entire business and processes?
  • How do we make it attractive to work in a store? – including highlighting career paths!

This is just some of the topics that we discuss daily with our retail customers. This transformation requires of both parties that we stay loyal to all that has been created, but also that we have the combined courage to act and venture in to the unknown – areas without many years of compiled experience.

Our recruitment methods and tools are modified to the industry’s candidate types in relation to both “short time to fill” and quality. We can also contribute with consultancy concerning organisation of competencies and leadership before and after a recruitment.

We are always happy to have a non-binding dialogue concerning collaboration, so you can experience our capabilities yourself!

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