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Shaping the sense of belonging by making people matter

Do I belong to a company providing functional expertise, or do I belong to a function providing subject matter expertise to a company?

16. marts, 2023

For years, feeling a primary belonging to the professional function rather than the company offering employment has been a growing tendency. The COVID disruption leading to remote/hybrid working conditions and the presence of online communities have accelerated the tendency.

Key to feeling a sense of belonging is that individuals are not only accepted for their uniqueness but also valued and treasured. From that perspective, online communities or professional societies that match preferences and welcome you for who you are will act as competition to companies for a sense of belonging.

All hiring starts by considering what competencies are needed to ensure the organisation has the necessary capabilities to fulfill the company’s vision. This is, however, only the beginning of a successful hiring process – attracting talent to a rewarding development path.

Having belonging in mind will aid attraction, performance, and attrition.

As an individual, you are more than your functional competencies. You also have history, culture, relations, and beliefs. Such traits should also be appreciated and recognised, so the individual feels part of the company. Failure by the organisation to do so may lead to uncertainty and undermine performance and ability to collaborate.

What to do to help improve the workplace dynamics essential for shaping a sense of belonging:

  • Gain insight into team members’ sense of being an “insider” or just a satellite orbiting
  • Supplement leadership with mentorship: Motivate key team members to function as advocates
  • Rethink team processes: Do not only invite to participate but secure a true seat at the table

A true feeling of belonging to the organisation will also require the following:

  • Recognise efforts and accomplishments
  • Appreciate contributions
  • Practise candor and invite honest opinions
  • See the whole person – not only the part that brings solutions

Shaping the sense of belonging has come a long way when employees proudly say:

Yes, I matter!

If you would like to hear how we include belonging in our recruitment processes, please contact: Unique Human Capital on +45 70 20 67 00 or mail@uhc.dk

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