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Life Science & Healthcare

Life Science & Healthcare is a complex industry undergoing rapid development with new innovative technologies enabling the introduction of new services and products to the market. According to the interest organisation LIF, there has been significant product development within Life Science & Healthcare, doubling since 2009.

Increased globalisation has turned Life Science & Healthcare into a massive market, which is noticeable in the recruitment sector. However, it is a sector subject to strong public regulation, and it is essential to have the proper market knowledge to recruit industry leaders and specialists.

“The industry experiences increasing demand for specialists, professional leaders and skilled researchers, and in recent years, there has been a significantly increased competition across the entire sector. Recruiting has become more challenging, and assistance is needed to identify the right candidates at the pace companies require. Therefore, we see a growing demand from Life Science & Healthcare companies needing our support for recruiting new employees. We have extensive and well-documented experience in medical and life sciences, which enables our consultants and searchers to find precisely the talents that companies need,” says CEO Jørn Duhn, Unique Human Capital.

High productivity, technological advancement and significant global growth potential

Life Science & Healthcare has double the productivity of other industrial sectors. Therefore, there is significant potential in being innovative in technological development to contribute to the global growth potential and the large Danish export of products within Life Science & Healthcare.

The industry also experiences fierce competition in the market – it is about being first to market with new products in pharmaceuticals, technology and medical equipment.

“The Life Science & Healthcare industry in Denmark, with pharmaceuticals as the largest export item, plays a crucial role in the national economy and has considerable potential for future growth and development. It is an industry characterised by intense research, innovation, high productivity and sustainable practices – based on top-notch health research, advanced technological expertise, competent employees and a strong willingness to invest. Therefore, the Life Science & Healthcare industry is a crucial building block in the Danish economy,” explains Associate Partner Karin Garre, Unique Human Capital.

How we help our clients

When it comes to recruitment within Life Science & Healthcare, our skilled consultants can assist with their knowledge and experience in the leadership competencies necessary to achieve targeted efforts in the growth strategy within the Life Science & Healthcare sector – both in Denmark and internationally. Our consultants are well-versed in the organisational dynamics within pharma and biotech, and they have a deep insight into and understanding of the organisational strategy for biotech in growth.

We have several major clients in this area, and our consultants have the necessary experience and knowledge to achieve the perfect match between candidate and company. We are familiar with benchmarks and salary levels, and we are always flexible in our services so that we can address the current needs together.

We can contribute with Executive Search and Search so your company is ready to realise the significant growth potential ahead. Contact us today to learn how we can help you find talent within Life Science & Healthcare.

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