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Senior Chief Engineer in Transport Modelling

Become a key player in transport solutions of the future


As Senior Chief Engineer in Transport Modelling at Ramboll, you will become Ramboll’s selected spearhead and part of the global Smart Mobility department, which has more than 300 experts worldwide. Moreover, you will help create innovative, smart and sustainable mobility solutions and contribute insight into sustainable, economic and societal aspects.

With a direct report to Head of Department, Smart Mobility, you will be responsible for conducting transport model building assignments and analysing different scenarios, working to close the gap to a sustainable future. Moreover, you will be responsible for developing and building up Ramboll’s market position within transport modelling service offerings.

Your main tasks are:

Transport modelling

  • Work as a subject matter expert in transport modelling
  • Service innovation of Ramboll’s offerings
  • Design and develop models to help predict demands for various means of transport
  • Test scenarios, analyse economic and mathematical models, and plan, improve and predict trends in the transport sector and mobility pattern
  • Focus on environmental impact and sustainability

Project Management

  • Work with the entire process, from discovering tender opportunities to project execution and handover
  • Project Management in national and global projects


  • Responsible for the project budget
  • Assess financial consequences and costs

You have expert knowledge and experience in macro modelling and a minimum of three years of experience in a similar position, preferably from a project-oriented and/or global organisation. Moreover, you have good communication skills and can present complex results.

You have a relevant background in macro modelling, such as a master’s degree in transport modelling preferably from DTU or similar.

You are a person with a great mindset and solid professional ambitions. Additionally, you master stakeholder management and communicating internally and externally and can create excellent group dynamics.

Ramboll offers a central position in a global company with future development opportunities. You will become part of a department emphasising personal development, which is achieved through close individual mentoring. From the moment you join Ramboll, they will support your personal and professional development so that you can continue to grow with the company.

Domicile: Within driving distance to the office in Aarhus or Copenhagen, Denmark.

For more details about the job or the company, please contact Research Consultant, Kristina Østergaard, Unique Human Capital on M: +45 24 90 09 21. All applications must be in English and are treated confidentially.

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