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Clinical Trial Scientist

An exciting position as a Clinical Trial Scientist in an innovative biopharmaceutical company


Nykode Therapeutics seeks a highly motivated Clinical Trial Scientist to join the development organisation and medical department.

As a Clinical Trial Scientist at Nykode Therapeutics, you will be responsible for the medical scientific and operational expertise in the clinical trials within oncology.

Your main tasks are:

  • Overseeing trial conduct by reviewing eligibility, disease history, treatment, clinical responses, and addressing safety concerns.
  • Working closely with the medical product lead and internal medical monitor to coordinate tasks and align medical communication.
  • Being a key member and medical representative in clinical trial teams.
  • Having responsibility for writing and designing clinical trial protocols relevant to developing the specific oncology product.

Your qualifications include a minimum of five years of experience in oncology and immunotherapy, covering clinical development from pharma/ biotech.

You have demonstrated leadership in guiding cross-functional clinical research initiatives and nurturing relationships with external partners. You have an extensive background in clinical trial execution and medical science and a strong knowledge of Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

You have a master’s or PhD in medical, biological, or pharmaceutical science or equivalent, preferably with oncology experience and/or specialty.

You embody a progressive mindset, emphasising pioneering concepts while maintaining stringent standards of quality, structure, and precision. Your contributions showcase remarkable personal drive, adept organisational capabilities, and a commitment to project advancement.

With your proficiency in communication and attentive listening skills, you excel in articulating information with clarity and empathy, thereby laying a solid foundation for building trust within your professional sphere.

Nykode Therapeutics offers an opportunity to be a highly visible member of the medical team, where you will have room to influence your role and enhance your skills in the clinical development strategy of oncology vaccines.

Nykode is looking for individuals inspired by Nykode technology and the quest to unlock the future of medicine. Nykode is eager to hire people seeking out environments that offer creative challenges and growth opportunities.

Travelling: Limited.

Domicile: Oslo Norway, or Kongens Lyngby, Denmark.

For more details about the job or the company, please contact Director Gert Vium Andersen, Unique Human Capital, on mobile: +45 42 95 08 83. All applications must be in English and are treated confidentially.

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