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Global recruitment – how to do so?
20. March, 2024

Since 2022, Unique Human Capital has represented AIMS International in Denmark, where we have assisted both global companies in finding Danish talent and Danish companies in finding international talent. With our global recruitment experts, we help our clients at both global and local levels.

The need for skilled leaders and talented employees in a global context is constantly increasing in line with the increased globalisation of the world. As a recruitment agency, we experience a growing demand for advice and consultation from global companies seeking employees for their Danish branches or subsidiaries. Conversely, we also see a significant demand from Danish, global companies seeking candidates for their foreign subsidiaries. As part of AIMS International, a global recruitment network, we strive to offer solutions to our clients that combine our consultants’ local expertise with international reach.

Collaborating with more than 50 countries allows us to expand the candidate search field. As a Danish partner in AIMS International, we play a central role in this process by combining our local knowledge with our global network of specialists. At Unique Human Capital, our employees have in-depth market insight into the Danish market, enabling us to act as a sparring partner for a large global organisation like AIMS International. Through this, we can recruit across multiple countries using shared processes and tools, ensuring high and consistent quality in our services. Therefore, we can offer tailored solutions that fit each client’s specific requirements, whether it is Board Search, Search or Executive Search.

The international recruitment network enables us to find the best candidates, regardless of their location, while ensuring that our clients have access to a global talent pool. We work proactively to identify potential talents both locally and internationally and collaborate with an extensive network of professional specialists worldwide. We understand the Danish labour market conditions and cultural nuances and use this insight to find candidates with the necessary professional qualifications and personal qualifications that align well with the company’s values and culture.

Let us assist you with your company’s global recruitment, no matter where the candidates are in the world. With our extensive network and expertise in both the local Danish market and international recruitment, we can deliver tailored solutions that meet your unique needs. Contact us for a non-binding conversation and find out how we can ensure your company’s growth and success.

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